Supporting our Servicemen,  Rok Mobile & STV
The SOS Show is a program created for Veterans to earn money while interacting with their local community. We supply them with a free phone, training and a 1/2 time slot for them to air their program on a streaming network. They need to create a weekly show, it can be on any subject. They keep all sponsorship and advertisers monies, we only ask they include the SOS and ROK 30 second commercials in each episode. To prove concept we produced the shows below in less than an hour each. 
These local shows will cover all issues concerning our Veterans;  PTSD, Homelessness, Employment and more. Our Veteran hosts will be interviewing Veterans and will be introducing all the great local and national companies with products and services that help them.
The show will be franchised in cities where Veterans and student film makers live. A Veteran will produce / host the show and keep ALL the proceeds. Local Sponsors will be encouraged to support the program by advertising on the show. ROK Mobile ( will provide one of their new NASA tech phones to each Veteran to use for filming. The STV network can be viewed on Roku, Amazon Fire Sticks and Apple TV streaming devices, the website is
Supporting our Servicemen is a 501C3 founded in 2010 and can found at For more information email us at or call us toll free at 888-658-8884.

Watch The SOS SHOW Episodes

How to make Guacamole


Ep. 3

Ep. 4

Ep. 5

Ep. 6

Ep. 7

Ep. 8

Ep. 9

Ep. 10

Ep. 11

Ep. 12

Ep. 13

Ep. 14

Ep. 15

Ep. 16

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Ep. 18

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Ep. 21

“Salsa kings and tacos”

“Marathon runner off to Brazil”

Cannabis and CBD experts give interview

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