On this page people with a product or service are able to promote their business while thanking the past and present Veterans of our country. Advantages of joining SOS are many: First and foremost companies extend a discount on their services to the past and present servicemen and women to show appreciation for their service. Members will be able to post a beautiful Gold, Silver or Bronze decal on their storefronts, websites and marketing materials telling everyone of their support and inviting the 27,000,000 strong military affinity group to shop with them. Members will be listed on our national directory and our virtual mall, they will also have access to our state-of-the-art marketing technology. By posting the decals business owners will show patriotism, attract new customers, earn customer loyalty and good will and most importantly thank our past and present service members. A Gold decal signifies a minimum of a 10% discount on their goods and services, a Silver decal signifies a minimum of 5% discount and a Bronze decal signifies varying discounts on varying product.. Display the decals with pride, you deserve it!
• Increases Business
• Earns customer loyalty and good will
• Helps spread patriotism
• Wonderful way to thank our Veterans

For Info please email: or call: 888.658.8884